NFL Advertising Photography: 4 Minute Photo Shoot with Darrelle Revis

When you photograph professional athletes, CEO’s and prominent business leaders time is always of the essence. In a best case scenario you get a half hour or so to make a portrait of your subject. But more often than not, especially in the world of sports, you have a lengthy shot list and 10 minutes or less to craft some refined photos of the personality in front of the lens.

This was the case on the day the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced the arrival of NFL superstar Darrelle Revis after completing a trade with the New York Jets. Darrelle spoke to the media during the team’s press conference and in between one-on-one interviews he stopped by the team meeting room at One Buccaneer Place for some portraits. I had hastily arranged a three-light studio setup we could use to make a portrait in the large dark room.

Darrelle was in front of the camera for four minutes, start to finish. In that time we were able to make several different photos for the team to use to promote the signing in the weeks ahead. The photos from the shoot were used on digital billboards around the Tampa Bay area, the team’s website and in a full page ad that ran several times in the Tampa Tribune.

Here are few samples of the photographs and the ads that were created from our 4-minute shoot. Website Draft Party Promotion

Full Page Ad from the Tampa Tribune

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