Buccaneers Nike Color Rush Uniform Photo Shoot

This season Nike and the NFL partnered to release new Color Rush uniforms for teams playing late-season Thursday Night Football games. I had the chance to photograph the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers Color Rush jerseys during an on-location studio advertising shoot with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans prior to the Buccaneers Thursday night matchup with the St. Louis Rams.

The new jerseys are a photographer’s dream. They’re crafted in a radiant shade of Bucs red with reflective numbers that pop when hit by strobes. It’s hard to imagine a better looking third jersey option for the Buccaneers. Nike, the Buccaneers and the National Football League nailed it with this kit.




All photos © Matt May/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Check out the jerseys in action on Thursday night December 17 as the Buccaneers take on the St. Louis Rams on Thursday night football. Learn more about the jerseys at Buccaneers.com

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